About Our Flooring Installations


Modern Stones & Floorings are installation experts with years of experience. All flooring materials are inpected before installation. Materials with visible defects are not installed. Our Pure SPC MAX floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit defect tolerance not to exceed 2%.

Sub-Floor Preparation

Sub-floor must be flat, dry, smooth, level, free from residues and structurally sound.
A level slope is a foundation that is less from 5mm over 2 meters or ¼” over 6 feet.
Documents must be kept of all test results for warranty purposes.

Preparing the Room

Check that the doors can still open and close after Pure SPC flooring is installed.

Radiant Floor Heating

Pure SPC MAX can be installed over a multiple of in-floor heating systems, provided that
instructions from the supplier of the in-floor heating system are followed.

Pure SPC MAX floors can be cast in a concrete floor or in thin layer of filler on the surface of
concrete sub-floor. In addition, they can be installed under a wood sub-floor or installed
on the surface of the sub-floor as electrical matting.

The temperature of the sub-floor or the heat radiating from electric heating mats
should not exceed 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degree Celsius).

Installation Guidelines

Pure SPC MAX flooring must be installed indoors.
Pure SPC MAX flooring should not be exposed to temperatures above 140° F (60° C)
or below 32° F (0° C)..